Squirrel Removal and Control Richmond, Virginia
At Virginia Wildlife Pros, we understand that there needs to be a healthy balance between wildlife, people, and property. When it comes to squirrels and flying squirrels, this couldn’t be truer. That is why we provide environmentally conscious squirrel removal and control in Richmond, including squirrel trapping, squirrel proofing, squirrel damage repair, and squirrel infestation clean up. Whether you want to remove squirrels in the attic, get rid of squirrels on your property, or manage local squirrel populations to avoid nuisance squirrel tampering and activity, our expert squirrel pest control operators have the workable solutions you can trust.

Not only do we operate our business in accordance with all industry-accepted standards and best practices, but we also adhere to all local, state, and EPA regulations that govern wildlife. We are constantly striving to advance our education by attending current and advanced training courses for animal removal and pest control. In fact, our qualifications and credentials far exceed the state’s mandatory requirements set forth for wildlife trapping and control professionals. Best of all, our squirrel removal services come with a personal guarantee that we will do our very best job, so you can feel confident in the quality and integrity of our work.

From squirrel removal and squirrel control to squirrel prevention, squirrel management, and squirrel nest cleanup, our licensed and insured professionals are fully equipped to take on any squirrel pest control job, regardless of size or scope. Contact Virginia Wildlife Pros at 804-292-0156 to request a free quote or advice concerning your nuisance squirrel dilemma, today. We serve residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties throughout Richmond, including Henrico, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, and Charlottesville.

Squirrel Damages and Threats

Squirrels are cute and fun to watch, even many home and business owners voluntarily feed squirrels to keep the entertainment going, year-round. However, when they get too close or too high in numbers, they can begin to pose several threats, namely structural damage and the spread of disease. Squirrels in Virginia, both the Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and the Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans), will damage several features and components of a property depending on how much access they have. Outdoors, squirrels are known to damage powerlines, even shorting out transformers, as well as sheetrock, siding, roofing, fascia, soffits, gables, vents, eaves, fans, chimneys, attics, satellites, solar panels, ornamental trees, shrubbery, gardens, birdfeeders, and potted plants. Even more concerning, squirrel nests are fire hazards since they are made from dry twigs, leaves, and grasses. When built next to exposed cable wires, dryer vent, or a hot, illuminated business sign, the risk of fire is critical.

Their destruction only amplifies if they get access inside, such as the attic, crawl space, chimney, roof, ductwork, or wall voids. They chew up electrical wiring, rip down insulation to build their nests, gnaw at structural materials (including pipelines), and defecate all over everything in their path. Since they contain several infectious pathogens and parasites, the accumulation of their droppings brings rise to a whole other set of health and safety risks. And we must point out again that a dried nest of twigs next to chewed electrical wires or hot dryer vent are dangerous combinations and serious fire hazards. Squirrels can also get further inside our properties and damage household contents, like window screens, paper stores, food stores, upholstery, and clothing.

Aside from structural damages, flying squirrels and squirrels are known carriers of several infectious diseases, parasites, and ectoparasites. They can pass along dangerous illnesses to both people and animals, including Rabies, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, fibromatosis, botfly, ticks, fleas, lice, and worms. Flying squirrels can even be carriers of typhus. These diseases and parasites can affect you, your loved ones, and your pets. Virginia Wildlife Pros delivers professional squirrel damage repair and squirrel infestation cleanup in Richmond and its surrounding counties. Contact us today at 804-292-0156 to request a free phone quote or to schedule an on-site assessment.

Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Proofing

The best approach to getting rid of squirrels and preventing them from becoming a problem again in the future is through squirrel trapping and squirrel proofing. Our Richmond squirrel trappers combine cutting edge technology and premium animal-proofing materials with science-based methodologies to safely remove squirrels and prevent them from getting back in. We retain state-of-the-art traps and barrier-style exclusion devices that trap squirrels and force them out of their nesting area. In some cases, we must cut open drywall to remove squirrels stuck in wall voids. Once removed, our expert wildlife control operators can implement the necessary repairs and remediations to restore your property back to its original condition and prevent future squirrel intrusions.

Our squirrel prevention services are comprehensive, covering every corner and square inch of your property to ensure it is safeguarded against nuisance squirrels. We use top-of-the-line animal-proofing barriers and deterrent products, such as all-weather sealant, aluminum sheeting, stainless steel mesh screening, vent covers, chimney guards, and even enzyme treatment solutions to eradicate related pests, like fleas, mites, and ticks. At the conclusion of our services, we will provide environmental modification advice that you can do yourself to prevent squirrel tampering, such as removing bird feeders, installing squirrel baffles,

Contact us at 804-292-0156 to speak with a licensed and insured squirrel trapper in Richmond, Virginia. We serve all property-types throughout central Richmond, including Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Henrico, Charlottesville, and Glen Allen.

Get Rid of Flying Squirrels in Richmond

Although their name might imply the opposite, Southern Flying squirrels (Glaucomys volans) in Virginia do not actually fly. They are air gliders that rely on a biological membrane called the patagium that extends from their wrists to their ankles, allowing them to soar among air and wind currents while manipulating gravity to their benefit. Nonetheless, flying squirrels are expert at gliding, and therefore, fully capable of accessing higher-up points of homes and buildings, especially roofs, chimneys, and attics. In fact, one of the most common signs of flying squirrels in the attic is the sound of marbles or bowling balls being rolled across the ceiling. This is the sound of them stocking up their stash of acorns and nuts. Flying squirrels can also nest in walls, flues, fireplaces, vents, awnings, roofing features, broken light fixtures, business signs, and HVAC systems. Flying squirrels, like all other squirrel species, can be destructive and carry disease.

If you are dealing with nuisance gliders in or around your property, trust our licensed squirrel trappers for safe and affordable flying squirrel removal in Richmond, Virginia. We serve all of Henrico County and beyond, including Glen Allen, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, and Charlottesville.

Frequently Asked Questions About Squirrels
How Did Squirrels Get Inside My House?
Squirrels are excellent climbers, and Flying squirrels have the added advantage of gliding, so they can easily access high areas of a property. They often enter homes and buildings through attics, chimneys, and roof vents. However, they are also known to get inside a house through pet doors, open garages, open crawl space doors, open windows, roof holes, skylights, warped vents, bent soffits, damaged fascia, missing foundation vents, loose siding, rotted wood, and other gaps and openings.
Do I Have Squirrels in the Attic?
The most common signs of squirrels in the attic include strange noises coming from the attic and walls, as well as visible attic damage and evidence of nesting. However, there are more signs that indicate a nuisance squirrel presence, like squirrel droppings, chewed electrical wiring, nut scraps, piles of cracked-open nuts, damaged roof shingles, and actually seeing squirrels enter and exit a point of your home/building beyond your view.This means you can see them coming and going from a spot way up high or below a structure, but you cannot tell exactly where they are nesting.
How Can I Stop Squirrels From Emptying the Bird Feeders?
To prevent squirrels from stealing birdseed from your bird houses and feeders, consider implementing a few squirrel control strategies. You can install a squirrel baffle on your birdseed pole, which prevents squirrels from climbing the staff. You can also install a few squirrel feeders to distract squirrels from pillaging the birdseed.
How Much Does Squirrel Removal Services Cost?
This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and one that we are proud to answer. As a local and independent wildlife trapping and prevention company in Richmond, we understand the value of a dollar. For that, we maintain economy-based prices for all our services. We are generally less expensive than our local competitors but provide higher-quality work and customer support. You can trust that our estimates are 100% honest and fair.

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When it comes to protecting your home or business from nuisance squirrels, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we work hard to deliver outstanding results at an affordable price. Our services come with a guarantee to do our very best work, so you can trust that we treat every job like our only job. Contact us at 804-292-0156 to request a free phone quote or to learn more about getting started with squirrel control service. We serve residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties all throughout the Richmond areas, including Henrico, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and Charlottesville, Virginia.



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