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Richmond, Virginia
In Richmond, Virginia, Virginia Wildlife Pros provides animal removal and control services that are both safe and effective for dealing with nuisance wildlife. We provide a wide scope of solutions for removing and controlling wildlife at residential and commercial properties. Our licensed and insured wildlife control specialists can safely extract woodland critters, prevent them from returning, and perform cleaning and restoration services for infestations and more. We also offer house and property inspections, free estimates, and advice. We work with various kinds of wildlife in Virginia, including pest control for rodents, and best of all, we provide a written guarantee with all our work. Our crew consists of certified and skilled wildlife removal operators who will solve your pest problem, giving you the confidence that you need.

When you contact us, our critter control teams will provide you with timely and comprehensive information to assist you while you wait for us to arrive with additional support. Our Richmond animal trappers will arrive punctually, wearing proper attire, and carrying all necessary materials for the task. After we finish our job, we make sure to follow up with phone calls and revisits, if necessary, to check if our work is holding up properly.

Call our office directly at 804-292-0156 or message us at Virginiawildlifepro@gmail.com to schedule an inspection or get answers to your animal removal and pest proofing questions, today. We assist both residential and commercial properties throughout Richmond with wildlife removal services, including the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico, Virginia.
Species of Virginia Wildlife We Work With:

Richmond, Virginia Animal Removal Services

In and around the Richmond areas, Virginia Wildlife Pros is known as the top choice for safe and humane animal removal and control services at an affordable price. We cater to the needs of both residential and commercial customers while ensuring humane, effective, and affordable services. Our team follows industry standards and best practices for animal trapping. We also comply with regulations set by local, state, and federal authorities that govern wildlife. Our aim is to assist you in resolving your issues with problematic animals in a secure and effective manner.

Contact our Richmond VA critter control team at 804-292-0156 to receive a phone quote or more information about our professional animal removal services, today.

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